Thursday, January 28, 2010


The statement is still a bit rough and the drawings still need development... but it is a start...

Having grown up within a transient family, moving often, feelings of displacement were common. In the midst of frequent relocation a consistent family life built an emotionally stable environment. “Home” for me became a mental and emotional construct made from a collection of object, a series of events and relationships. The understanding of home became as fluid and changing as the physical environment.

My drawings use visual pattern appropriated from traditionally domestic objects to reference hose, home as a location. These patterns are repeated and layered up to create an allegory for events that build up an understanding of place, of home. This process results in an organic form, undefined and malleable as the concept of home, floating in an empty field, transient and placeless as the individual.

PS- The big girl website is still in the works... stay tuned

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


An "official" website is in the works! As soon as I have something together I'll post a link here. I will be keeping this blog for updates as I prepare for my internship in Perth and while I'm there.