Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New work

Covering some basics

As I'm support raising to go to Perth I often find myself answering the question "What exactly are you doing?" generally followed by, "Why?" And as I present myself to new congregations, groups, and/or individuals the ever popular "What was your name again?" which is often accompanied by the "why should I know you? Look" (maybe that last bit is just me being self conscious and paranoid). In an attempt to answer these questions quickly and concisely I put together an all about Shannon "Brochure," if you can call it that, punctuated by just a few of my favorite photos from Oz.

So here you go... all you could ever want to know about me and my yellow road to Oz. Maybe you'll learn something new about me. Maybe you won't. Maybe you can pass it on to a friend who is into art and loves Jesus too (it seems we're a rare breed). And maybe that will help me get closer to being back in Freo.

I tried to make the images bigger... I'm not very tech savvy. Sorry. If you click on it it should come up bigger in a new window. I'm happy to email you the PDF if you want it, or want to pass it on.