Monday, April 25, 2011

Not and Not Yet

I was invited to do an artwork as part of our Easter celebration at churchfreo. It was particularly challenging for me for two reasons. First, I've never worked with a theme so clearly religious before. Secondly, I had to be aware of my new audience. The audience at churchfreo is largely open to the arts but would not consider themselves "artsy" or unacquainted with the stories and iconography of the Bible... some met both criteria. This was also the first time I showed my work in Australia and I desperately wanted it to be well received while still being true to my own creative practice.

After some time looking back into my visual language and several discussions with Berenice and fellow artists I on this two part installation called Now and Not Yet. The first part was 490 price tags all with "paid in full" written on both sides strung on red threads in the two front windows of the churchfreo building. It was important for me to use this window space because my work often exists within a “veranda space.” These are spaces that are often intentionally developed in architecture as a reprieve. They are places of comfort and relaxation. It is an inviting space, yet does not require. Other spaces in a building come with expectations and/or requirements. By placing my work in the windows the viewer is given the option of engaging it through the glass or by coming into the space. It is my desire that the work invites you in and give place for reprieve mimicking what the grace of the cross does and a central theme of the outreach of chrchfreo.

The other part was dozens of eggshells. Broken, used, washed, interiors painted, and (most)put back together with beeswax. The egg holds a lot of different meanings for me. I wanted to capitalize on that Easter iconography while having all the symbolism of new life. With a plastic Easter egg we are given hope, but we have to wait for the good stuff inside that is inherently promised. This is the heart of Easter, not the chocolate, but hope and promise. As believers we were paid for with the work of Jesus we celebrate at Easter. This is the hope we have and the promise we have been given. However, we still have to wait for our “good stuff” which is heaven. Easter is the here and now of Jesus in our salvation, with the promise of more to come.

Just for fun here is a little video of the installation process