Friday, October 29, 2010


Who has two thumbs and Yellow Brick Studio - The Road to OZ buttons?


Hot off the presses, especially for you, my lovely support team!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Memorial Stone Monday

Today I want to introduce you to Ron and Terri Stockman. My parents met the Stockmans when I was a baby while both families were stationed in LA and they have been best friends ever since. I've always known them as "Mr. Ron" and Miss. Terri." The Stockmans are very much so a part of my family. Mr. Ron and Miss. Terri's sons have been the closest thing I've ever had to brothers. Our families shared holidays, birthdays, and many just plain old days. I don't officially have godparents, but if I did it would be the Staocmans. They even few out to Wichita for my thesis exhibit a year and a half ago.

Miss Terri and I are very alike... we dress similarly. We both have very dark hair and very fair skin. We do our make up the same way. We both get a rash when we eat mangos. We're both artists. We have many more idiosyncrasies in common, but to list them could be narcissistic yet embarrassing. It's to the point that our families joke that Miss. Terri is my "other mother" or my "birth mom."

Just last week I got the notification from MTW that Mr. Ron and Miss. Terri have joined my support team. I knew they were partnering with me emotionally and in prayer from the very beginning of this journey, it's great to have them officially on my support team. Their pledge also brought me up to 50% of support raised. I've been told the last half comes in faster and easier than the first... we'll see. It seems befitting that such a "monumental" moment in this process would come from the Stockmans!

As a kid it was oddly comforting to know that if something happened to my parents Mr. Ron and Miss. Terri would take care of my sisters and I. There is nothing odd about having them taking care of me in this way now and it's just as comforting.

(I sincerely hope that Mr. Ron and Miss. Terri will forgive me for posting such awesome pictures of them... What can I say? The 80's were great!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tardy Tuesday

A.K.A. Memorial Stone Monday a day late...

This week I want to share one of the first "stones" picked up on this journey. Walter and Doris Ramsour joined my support team long before I even knew I would be raising support.

In the summer of 2008 Steve and B were in the states and were planning a visit to Wichita. Walter told me the Sunday before their visit that I needed to meet Berenice because "She's you in 25 years." So, that Wednesday I went to the Rarig's talk and met B. The next morning she and I had coffee and the rest is history. I know that B and I were providentially planed for each other, but some days I can't help but wonder how long it would have taken for us to get together if it weren't for Walter's insistence.

Walter and Doris were among this first to join my support team after my approval with MTW. In addition to this, they have been supporting the ongoing work in Perth for a while now. Their vision for the church, both local and in Australia, is humbling. I am so blessed by their generosity of heart, wisdom, and resources.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Memorial Stone Monday

These cute kids are Elizabeth, Micah, and Benjamin, my niece and nephews. At a recent family garage sale the kids sold muffins and orange juice and brought the proceeds to me, in a giant ziplock bag, to help me get back to Australia. Elizabeth would be the first to tell you that it got hot that day... VERY HOT! But she stuck it out in the south Texas, middle of summer heat to help me. They even added some of their own money too!

While they here in Kansas visiting Elizabeth and I sat on the driveway and with a little help from Micah and Benjamin by sorting out the "silver money" we counted it all. All said and done, after adding what we found in my car and on my desk, Elizabeth, Micah, and Benjamin had raised $76 for me.

It is truly amazing to be the recipient of these three young missions minded hearts!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coming soon: Memorial Stone Monday

Bet you'll never be able to guess when it's coming!

A while back I was reading in the book of Joshua. I came to the part where Israel crosses the Jordan River and enteres the land of Canaan, the land they had been promised and were waiting for. God told Joshua to have one man from each of the twelve tribes pick up a stone out of the river as they crossed over where the waters had been parted in front of the Arc of the Covenant. When all of Israel had crossed into Canaan these twelve stones were piled up into a monument. This monument was to serve as a memorial to what God had done in parting the Jordan and bringing Israel into Canaan, as promised.

As I'm working my way across the river of support raising I have started to think of each of my supporters as a memorial stone. In the end, when I finally get back to Australia I will have my beautiful support team to stand as the monument to what God has done.

So... Starting on Monday I will be sharing with you stories of the amazing, generous, faithful people who are helping me on the road to Oz.

If you want more information on how or why to join my support team let me know. If you are ready and able to join my team, THANK YOU! You can do so by following the link in the "Online Giving" section on the right side of this page.

Until Monday...